About this site & a little about me


My name is Marcus here or Mark there. No matter I answer to both. I have done many things, some with sufficient craft to be considered well and good.  Other things with different priorities done well enough. My current and past incarnations in no particular order include Software Developer, Ditch Digger, House Painter, Construction Grunt, Concrete Mixer, Chanterelle Picker, Vagabond and Photographer.  The intrepid adventurer in me is always looking,  always exploring.  My interests encompass art, ideas, books, people, places and things.

My Art Practice

Graphic Re-mixing is my art practice. I draw upon mathematics, my photography, graphics and my own sketches as elements in the production of single, finished works. I use digital tools such as Photoshop, Inkscape, Illustrator to create my designs.

I render these designs into distinct mediums such paper, paint, cloth, wood, metal and 3D prints.

The material properties of each media often contribute new ways of rendering. I am always exploring unique techniques and materials for manifesting these designs.

Experimenting with layering and juxtaposition of my images provides me an opportunity to develop new works and attach different meaning to existing pieces.

In essence, my work is iconifying nature's provided forms.  


I am always available for creative discussions or perhaps just a walk and a chat.  Life is a discovery full of possibilities yet unknown.