Mechaduino - Open-source servo motor controller.

Mechaduino is an affordable open-source servo motor for DIY and professional mechatronics under development at Tropical Labs.  Mechaduino is Arduino-compatible for ease of use. These boards are attached to small servo motors to provide location feedback to allow for exact placement of motor. So no more problems due to missed steps! A short youtube video

Mechaduino - 1.jpg

i participated in a group build at The Vancouver Hack Space and also contributed to the board debugging on a hardware level at This involved reading board schematics, reading individual chip specifications and verifying components were properly laid on on the circuit board. I discovered a number of issues that needed to be resolved such as a missing ground pour under one chip and a missing pull-up resistor on one pin.

This board uses Microchip's ARM® Cortex®-M0+ based flash microcontroller, the ATSAMD21G18 is ideal for a wide range of home automation, consumer, metering, and industrial applications. I spent time learning about this chips architecture, instruction set and learned how to flash the bootloader.

Also learned about PID Controllers and how to tune these.