1Bitsy - Open Source ARM dev board with Black Magic Probe - SWD Programmer/JTAG Debugger

1Bitsy is an embedded hardware/software development platform. With several main goals:

  1. Small size (38.1mm x 17.8mm or 1.5in x 0.7in) and low cost allowing you to embed the hardware inside your project and leaving it as part of it.

  2. Great debugging tools and simple and thin programming interfaces, making it very easy to understand how it works.

  3. Easy prototyping, you can cut and paste together the examples to get going very fast.

  4. Lot’s of tutorials, example projects and documentation, so you can choose your own path in learning embedded hardware development.

Use this Link to 1Bitsy Documentation. The Quick Start Guide is an excellent place to get going with this plafform.

1 Bitsy Open Source ARM Development Board

1 Bitsy Open Source ARM Development Board

The companion board used to debug the 1Bitsy using JTag/SWD is the Black Magic Probe. V2.

Documentation for the programmer debugger -> Black Magic Probe on Github